Jag är i alla fall ingen Drama-Queen…

Jag tänkte jag skulle dela med mig på bloggen av min senaste statusuppdatering på Facebook. Den är skriven på engelska och det brukar jag ju inte ha på bloggen, men här kommer den: 

Skulle jag vara en Drama-Queen?

Since we got married, my husband Lamin have started to call me ”my little Drama-Queen” every now and then. He says it in a loving way, so I don´t get angry, but the first time I herd it I said:

Me: Oh, no! I´m not a drama-queen. Maybe you misunderstood me?

He: Okay.

The next day he repeated it.

Me: No, I am not! I think you misunderstood me. Maybe I was little of a drama-queen like 20 years ago. Why would you call me a drama-queen?

He: That´s my secret, I will not tell you. (And he smiled.)

A few days later, after he had called me drama-queen at least once a day, I talked to my best friend Kiqi. And she said something like:

She: Yes, you know, drama-queens like us…

Me: Wait, wait, wait!! My husband have called me a drama-queen for a while now and I have told him that I am not. And he will not tell me why he think so. Now my best friend calls me drama-queen. Why?

She: Well, we are not involved in or creating drama, but we surely enjoy to watch drama…

Okay, I can give her that!

After that call my husband said:

He: You see, even Kiqi knows that you are a drama-queen.

Me: Well, she don´t mean it the way you do. She explained what she ment…

He: Okay, or maybe she just made it little bit smooth, not to upset you…

A few days later I talked with my mum and told her what my husband told me and I expected her sympaty or at least her laugh and say: ”No, he´s just joking with you…” In sted she said:

Mom: Yes, you are! A REAL drama-queen!! You should know that, Fatou!

Me: But NO! You people are so wrong. Maybe 20 years ago, but not now… I´m so cool and easy…

Mom: But you are funny most of the time with your dramas, but sometimes I get tired of it too, but mostly it is a funny part of your personality.

Me: But I dont spread rumours, or lies about people and create drama… (Feeling little bit chocked now…)

Mom: No! That is true, because you are not mean or evil as a person, so you don´t create drama, but whan things happens you use to call and talk like a BIG thing have been happening and then when you are explaining, eighter you explain in a dramatic and funny way about what happened and that makes people laugh, or sometimes you are explaining such a boring thing, so you are exiting people like you have something BIG to tell, to make people curious, but when the story is out, it was like nothing special at all… I think it´s your personality. Mostly it is funny and interesting and loveble, but sometimes you really make a drama of something very useless… But you should really know this about your self, Fatou!

Me: I promise, I did´nt know this at all… At all… I can agree that like 20 years ago I might have been a bit (little, little bit) of a drama-queen, but at this age of 45…

Drama-Queen känner jag mig tveksam till, men andra delen av orden köper jag rakt av. Lite Queen, sådär… Det funkar för mig!

Okay, if my mom says so, I should probably listen, but still I really can´t accept this, so when my youngest daughter Isatou came by for a visit I had to ask for the last time about this issue:

Me: Isa! Who is this familys drama-queen?

Without hesitating for a second she said: You and Mabou!

I surrender! My husband, mom, best friend and daughter might read me in a way that I don´t. Maybe I just have to accept? Or maybe they are just aaaaall wrong about me?

Drama? Jag? Den här lilla oskyldiga, grå musen?!!

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